Providence Pottery
Welcome to Providence Pottery

Carl Spoto has been working with clay for 19 years and from the first moment of contact it has become a passion of his. A passion for creating and molding something beautiful from a lump of clay by drawing on nature and it’s natural beauty. Using these basic elements “clay” in particular stoneware clay, Carl incorporates textures, ideas and inspiration from Mother Nature herself. It could be anything from a dragonfly, a rock, the sun, a leaf or simply an acorn. Carl says, “I believe, this brings nature and art full circle.”

His style of functional art and glazing is very unique for it flows and evolves continuously. Always wanting to be fresh and new, he introduces new pieces every season along with new or renewed glazes. The glazes used are not commercially manufactured. They are created in his studio from common elements found in nature. (All glazes used are food safe unless noted) After glazing each piece it is fired to approximately 2200 degrees. That’s hot!!

Commission work is always welcome, but you can also find him at numerous shows and art festivals every year. Or if you can’t wait for an art festival, visit Carl at his studio where he’ll gladly give you a tour where you are always welcome, have a cup of java or iced tea (his favorite).

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If you want to contact Carl or would like to set up a time to visit his studio you can reach him at: 214.724.0377