Spoto Art Studios & Providence Pottery
Question: Can I get an exact duplicate of another item on your website?
Answer: As beautiful & sometimes similar each of these pieces are, each piece of pottery is one of kind. If you see something you just have to have from the Archive Gallery, contact me and let's see what I can do to get as close as possible.
Question: Do you take custom orders?
Answer: Yes, I do. Over the years I have completed many custom/commission orders. The largest order completed to date was an order that included more than 900 pieces, but most orders are usually 1 to 10 pieces. Custom orders are unique for You and no order is too small or too large.
Question: How can I receive the item I purchased online?
Answer: If you are local to the DFW area you are welcome to stop by my studio, take a tour and make your purchase directly from me. If you are not local to the area, please contact me with your name and phone number to work out the arrangements until I can get Paypal set up.
Question: How can I pay for my purchase?
Answer: If you are local and want to swing by my studio, you can pay me directly by Cash, Check or Charge (VISA or MC). If you want the item shipped, you can pay through Paypal. Simply click on the price for the piece you are interested in and it will take you directly to Paypal. Paypal will notify me once the transaction is complete and I will ship the piece directly to you.