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Wedding registry for the beautiful Jacqueline & dashing Jordan.

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For Jacqueline and Jordan, their union was simple. Jordan met Jacqueline and no one else would do.
The couple met at freshman orientation at Tarleton State University in July 2006 and began dating four months later. Jordan said Jacqueline was wearing a black shirt and sparkly hoop earrings when they met and he thought she was beautiful. Over the next few months, the young people became friends and Jordan said he was attracted to Jacqueline’s calm and soothing personality. The normally introverted singles came
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alive as they realized they had many similar interests. They ride horses, four wheelers, watch movies, and camp around the state.

"We just have fun together," Jacqueline said. "He gets my goofiness."
Jordan said he loves how organized Jacqueline is and that she helps keep him grounded in their somewhat hectic lives. He also loves how she sticks her tongue out when she concentrates.
The couple stayed together through school and learned about life and love in their journey to adulthood.
Jordan proposed in August of 2011 at one of Jacqueline's favorite spots in Texas, the San Antonio River Walk. To everyone's delight and no one's surprise she said yes. Now five years later and recent college graduates, they're ready to take the giant leap into marriage.
The couple loves to have fun and hopes that their guests have a marvelous time at their wedding. Jacqueline and Jordan thank you in advance for helping them celebrate on their special day.

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